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When Big Science meets Big Data

Thursday, 6 December, 2012

Bob Jones, Head of CERN openlab, presented a talk at the Big Data Analytics Conference in London last week to explain how the LHC data is managed today and the future directions being investigated with leading IT companies and research organisations around the world. Indeed the rapid increase in performance of the LHC accelerator is having an impact on the computing requirements since it increases the rate (Velocity), complexity (Variety) and quantity (Volume) of data that the LHC experiments need to store, distribute and process. The previous estimates of 15 Petabytes per year of stored data are already looking conservative and so it is necessary to plan to go well beyond this figure. Bob spoke about a number of new approaches and technologies investigated in the CERN openlab framework that will help ensure it continues to meet the extreme IT needs of the LHC over its foreseen lifetime of two decades.