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CERN openlab researchers teaching at the first thematic CERN School of Computing (tCSC)

Monday, 10 June, 2013

Sverre Jarp and Andrzej Nowak, both part of the CERN openlab CTO office, gave lectures related to Programming, Parallelism and Efficient Computing at the first thematic CERN school of computing.

The openlab education programme, which provides active dissemination, is currently implemented through several lines of actions. The participation to the CERN School of Computing (CSC) and now to the newly created thematic CSC (tCSC) is one of those channels.

The tCSC2013 is a new concept prototyped for the first time this year. It aims at complementing the existing portfolio of CSC events: the historical main summer school, organized since 1970, the inverted CSCs (iCSCs) organized since 2005, and the special schools, as organized in 2006 in Bombay.

The school took place at the University of Split (FESB) between 3-7 June 2013. For its first year, a limited number of 16 students were offered the chance to attend tCSC,  which focus was on  "Mastering State of the Art Computing".  Core topics included practical use of relevant software methodologies for parallelization, efficient use of compilers, performance optimization, controlled floating point calculations – all coupled with hands-on exercises. In addition to the core teaching material, a range of supplementary topic was offered, such as select aspects of supercomputing, accelerated processing and others. Finally, perspectives on cutting edge software and hardware were presented, along with a vision of projected developments and their possible consequences.

For more information on tCSC2013 click here.