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CERN openlab delivers a keynote at Intel's Xeon E7 processor launch in Switzerland

Thursday, 13 March, 2014

On March 6th 2014, Intel launched its new Intel Xeon E7 processor in Switzerland. CERN openlab was invited to give a keynote at the event, in which it presented an account of its experience with pre-production samples of the processor and the four-socket platform that hosts it. Andrzej Nowak talked about CERN's computing challenges, as well as technical results from an advanced evaluation of the system, equipped with E7-4890 v2 CPUs. Amongst the benchmarks used were long-standing openlab favourites such as HEPSPEC06, the multi-threaded Geant4 prototype and the MLFit data analysis prototype. At the same time, the openlab team worked with the CERN Physics department and the Platform & Engineering Services group within the IT department to obtain results from quantum chromodynamics code, which is an HPC workload used on clusters, and thus good fit for a machine with a high core count. The details of the evaluation will be published in an upcoming CERN openlab report.