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Andrzej Nowak

External Collaborator
Competence center: 

Andrzej Nowak started off at CERN openlab in 2007 as a Marie Curie Fellow sponsored by the European Commission, investigating next-generation computing technology ranging from many core efficiency to the pre-alpha Intel Xeon Phi program. Until recently, Andrzej was a member of openlab’s CTO office and the manager of openlab’s Platform Competence Centre working with Intel. His responsibilities included collaboration with external companies and institutes, as well as initiative on projects such as ICE-DIP and the Intel-CERN relationship. Andrzej co-created the openlab Workshops Program of the Platform Competence Centre which, amongst other accomplishments, trained over 1’500 scientists and engineers on cutting edge computing technologies. Andrzej’s research interests range from data centres to software optimization, spanning high-throughput computing systems, accelerators, big data topics and high performance data acquisition. He is now an external openlab collaborator.