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Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Intel Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

The Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship is a collaboration between CERN openlab, IdeaSquare, the KT Group, and Intel to define a process to support innovation and identify interesting technical ideas within the CERN community. The main project objectives over a three-year period — with yearly checkpoints — are to raise awareness in the scientific community about good practices in innovation management, to support talented individuals interested in building entrepreneurship experience, and to organise and participate in events about innovation management and entrepreneurship with expert speakers and coaches from various technical and business domains. At least one major event per year is planned where ideas with good exploitation potential emerging from the scientific community will be presented to a panel of experts to assess their feasibility and receive guidance on how to define and implement the business and technical plans.

Open Innovation 2.0

‘Open innovation 2.0’ (OI2) is emerging as a new mode of innovation, whereby the lines between research institutes, industry, government, and academia are becoming blurred. Through this approach, significant innovation advances can be made, far beyond the scope of what any one organisation could achieve on its own.

The Innovation Value Institute and the EU Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group have been actively pursuing and promoting OI2 development, as pioneered by professor Martin Curley. Curley has created a nascent ‘pattern language’ for OI2. This project proposes to evaluate the relevance and applicability of the OI2 pattern language in the real-world innovation environment of CERN openlab, as well as working to identify evidence of the use of these patterns — implicitly already codified in the operating model and practices of CERN openlab.