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Data Storage Architectures

Seagate Alternative Storage Architecture "Kinetic"

The project aims to develop the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform that will help CERN to better manage and store the 100 petabytes of data the Large Hadron Collider has generated to date, as well as the additional 2-3 petabytes of information it produces on a monthly basis.
The Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform restructures the traditional storage server architectures from the bottom up, connecting object-oriented applications directly to the storage device. By simplifying traditional hardware and software stacks, Seagate Kinetic aims to increase performance while significantly cutting costs.


Huawei Cloud Storage Appliance

Storage management is one of the key activities in the LHC computing infrastructure at CERN and collaborating sites in World-wide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). Since volume and access speed requirements are increasing, CERN is continuously investigating new solutions to provide more scalable and performant storage services to its user community. The Simple Storage Service (S3) has become a de-facto standard offered by commercial and open-source cloud storage products. The Huawei UDS system is using inexpensive CPU-disk pairs to construct an innovative and low TCO S3 implementation, which is being tested against scientific use cases as part of the joint project with the company.


Oracle Database Technology and Monitoring

The aim of the project is to investigate database evolutions and its underlying layers including servers and storage components. It includes the early evaluation of the next releases of Oracle Database, to test the new features included with each release, and to give feedback based on our “high energy physics oriented” environment and use cases gathered from the CERN Oracle community. Oracle Database In-Memory is an interesting feature for some of the workloads generated by the CERN Oracle user community, and by using an Oracle Exalytics Engineered System we could get the maximum performance out of this option an and create a relevant and accurate proof of concept in the first phase. 


Comtrade EOS Productisation

The scope of this project — undertaken in collaboration with CERN openlab associate member Comtrade — is the evolution of the EOS large-scale storage system. The goal is to simplify the usage, installation, and maintenance of the system, as well as adding support for new platforms. The main target of the project’s initial phase — now successfully completed — was to provide a robust installation kit to enable rapid installation of EOS both for evaluation purposes and for fast deployment in production. This installation kit includes the necessary instructions, the tools for operations, and a first version of the administration and user guides.


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