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Sponsors Spotlights

Title: Date published Abstract Partner
Using Modern Code to Simulate Brain Development: Interview with Lukas Breitweiser, Intern at CERN openlab 16 Mar 2015 Lukas Breitweiser discusses the importance of applying modern code and parallel computing to drive scientific exploration and discoveries in the context of his CERN openlab internship. Intel
Webcast: Governed Data Discovery as a Service - Better Decisions for More Efficient Operations at CERN 28 Jan 2015 Join our webcast to hear CERN openlab expert Manuel Martin Marquez share his experience with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. Oracle
Video: The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance Experience at CERN 16 Jan 2015 Hear Eric Grancher, Head of Database Services at CERN European Laboratory for Particle Physics, speak about his experience testing the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. Oracle
Blog post and video: CERN, Rackspace Talk Cloud Federation From OpenStack Summit Paris 5 Nov 2014 For more than a year, Rackspace and CERN openlab have been exploring the feasibility of federating OpenStack clouds. Rackspace
Blog post: Building the “Cloud of Clouds” with CERN 23 Sep 2014 The issue of interoperability is as old as computing itself. Rackspace
Blog and video: With OpenStack Icehouse, CERN Is Closer To Cloud Federation 1 Jun 2014 Federated and interoperable OpenStack clouds are on the horizon, as code development work, led by a CERN research fellow sponsored by Rackspace as part of a CERN openlab project, has been included in Rackspace
Blog: Rackspace, CERN openlab Push For Cloud Federation At OpenStack Summit 6 Nov 2013 The federation of multiple clouds in the real world isn’t far out of reach, and through a CERN openlab research project, CERN and Rackspace are probing the possibility of true federated hybrid clouds Rackspace
Case study: A Physicist's Best Friend: CERN Finds the Higgs Boson 24 Oct 2013 The discovery of the Higgs boson marked an important step towards understanding the fundamental laws which underpin the universe. Intel
We’re Collaborating With CERN openlab For Hybrid Cloud-Powered Research 1 Jul 2013 The researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are on an amazing mission. Rackspace
Yandex Rolls Out Experimental Social Recommendation Tool – Wonder 24 Jan 2013 To help ourselves retrieve interesting bits from our social networking space, we have built an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that can respond to our questions using the information about our friends’ Yandex