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Brocade delivers SDN networking at CERN

Date published: 
28 Jul 2015

Brocade announced a partnership with CERN openlab to help the world's largest centre for scientific research develop a long-term software-defined networking (SDN) strategy. Brocade has been named an official networking contributor member to CERN openlab, building on its previous relationship as a technology supplier to CERN. Brocade will be collaborating with CERN openlab on a new solution designed to help the organisation address the long-term challenges facing its network infrastructure. The project with Brocade is intended to create a future-proof network based on the 'New IP' and featuring a framework of SDN applications to optimise the routing of data traffic entering and leaving the organisation. Brocade will also create enhanced user interfaces for its solutions, giving collaborators at CERN the ability to view graphical charts and visualisations showing real-time and historical traffic information.