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Announcing: Student Winners

Date published: 
15 Dec 2015

Intel® Developer Zone Check out new tools and resources for developers |  view past issues   December 2015   Intel® Developer Zone    Forums    Developer Tools Intel® Modern Code Challenge Winners Announced at Intel® HPC A French programmer optimized code simulating brain development to take Grand Prize of an internship at CERN openlab* in Geneva, co-sponsor of the contest attracting ~17,000 students from 19 countries. Learn more USA TODAY SPECIALStudent Programmer wins CERN openlab Internship Find out › IoT and MCU OS Wind River* Rocket* — Free RTOS for IoT devices and MCUs Rocket eliminates many common steps associated with building embedded devices from scratch. You no longer need to download the OS source, install compatible build tools or configure your host. Get started › Intel® Edison platform BRILLO* Comes to Intel® IoT Technology Brillo* from Google* offers a holistic approach to the IoT landscape. Begin creating a versatile, scalable and secure IoT platform beyond proofs of concept with Brillo* and Intel® Edison.