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09/05/2012 CERN Openlab to tackle cloud challenges

Openlab, a collaboration between CERN and five companies to develop technology to underpin the Large Hadron Collider experiment, will next concentrate on challenges such as cloud computing.

09/05/2012 New phase of CERN openlab to tackle exascale IT challenges for science

The fourth phase of CERN openlab was officially launched during a meeting of its board of sponsors taking place at CERN1 on 8 and 9 May.

09/05/2012 CERN News : openlab

The fourth phase of the CERN openlab partnership to tackle exascale IT challenges for science Geneva, 9 May 2012.

09/05/2012 CERN news : Openlab

Re-share of CERN openlab video

27/04/2012 The openlab adventure continues to thrive

As the CERN openlab enters its second decade, François Fluckiger offers a personal account and some of his own recollections of how this bold initiative began and went on to thrive.

26/03/2012 In Search Of Answers

Large hadron collider, a testament to the engineering and scientific skills, is designed to take us back to the very beginning and help us answer the fundamental questions about the universe.