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CERN openlab results are disseminated in a wide range of international conferences. The presentations and reports are regularly updated (RSS feeds available at the bottom of the page).

Date published Author(s) Type
01/04/2017 CERN openlab Annual Report 2016 A. Purcell , A. Di Meglio Technical document
29/03/2017 A Lossless Network for Data Acquisition G. Jereczek, G. Lehmann Miotto, D. Malone, M. Walukiewicz Technical document
19/12/2016 Consolidation and Performance measurements of ROOT Multiproc Core A.C. Chelba Technical document
19/12/2016 Deep Learning on Imaging Calorimetry J. Mahapatra Technical document
Meetup#22 Containers, Paris
Date published Author(s) Type
28/02/2017 OpenStack Magnum Pike and the CERN cloud S. Trigazis Presentation
Computational Neurology Conference 2017
Date published Author(s) Type
21/02/2017 Computational neurology: not just moonshots, but clinical impact M. Manca Presentation
10th SHiP Collaboration Meeting, Berlin
Date published Author(s) Type
09/02/2017 CERN openlab Researched Technologies That Might Become Game Changers in Software Development F. Rademakers Presentation
CentOS Dojo, Brussels
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2017 OpenStack @ CERN: Status update S. Trigazis Presentation
PMAM'17 Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2017 A high-performance portable abstract interface for explicit SIMD vectorization P. Karpinski, J. McDonald Technical document
Fosdem, Brussels
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2017 OpenStack Magnum @ CERN Scaling Container Clusters to thousand of nodes S. Trigazis Presentation