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CERN openlab results are disseminated in a wide range of international conferences. The presentations and reports are regularly updated (RSS feeds available at the bottom of the page).

Date published Author(s) Type
26/02/2016 Extending ZeroMQ and/or NanoMSG with support for SCIF A. Santogidis Presentation
Date published Author(s) Type
09/02/2016 Radiation Hard Silicon Photonics Devices for Future High Speed Optical Links S. El Nasr , M. Zeiler Presentation
High Performance Computing & Big Data 2016, Victoria Park Plaza, London, UK
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2016 Big Data for Big Discoveries: How LHC Finds Needles by Burning Haystacks A. Di Meglio Presentation
CCT-SIL-20160204 DataProduction with the cloud
Date published Author(s) Type
04/02/2016 CERN and Clouds T. Bell Presentation
AutoML 2015 workshop @ ICML 2015, Lille, France
Date published Author(s) Type
02/02/2016 Improving Reproducibility of Data Science Experiments T. Likhomanenko, A. Rogozhnikov, A. Baranov, E. Khairullin, A. Ustyuzhanin Technical document
BIWA 2016
Date published Author(s) Type
28/01/2016 Fault Detection using Advanced Analytics at CERN's Large Hadron Collider A.R. Marín, M.M. Marquez Presentation
27/01/2016 Oracle Big Data Discovery for CERN’s Control Data A.R. Marín Presentation
Workshop on Federated Identity for Cloud Services
Date published Author(s) Type
21/01/2016 Identity Service @ CERN Cloud J. Castro Leon Presentation
Journal of Instrumentation
Date published Author(s) Type
19/01/2016 Design of Si-photonic structures to evaluate their radiation hardness dependence on design parameters M. Zeiler, S. Detraz, L. Olantera, C. Sigaud, C. Soos, J. Troska, F. Vasey Technical document
ACAT 2016
Date published Author(s) Type
18/01/2016 New Technologies for HEP - The CERN openlab F. Rademakers Presentation