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CERN openlab results are disseminated in a wide range of international conferences. The presentations and reports are regularly updated (RSS feeds available at the bottom of the page).

openlab Annual Board of Sponsor meeting 2003
Date published Author(s) Type
01/03/2003 ALICE Data Challenges: On the way to recording @ 1 GB/s R.Divia Presentation
01/03/2003 CASTOR: CERN’s data management system B.Couturier Presentation
01/03/2003 POOL: LHC data Persistency D.Düllmann Presentation
01/03/2003 Gridifying the LHC Data: Challenges and current shortcomings P.Kunszt Presentation
01/03/2003 Lessons learnt from managing data in the European Data Grid P.Kunszt Presentation
01/03/2003 CERN, the LHC, the LCG and the openlab -Welcome address W. von Rüden Presentation
01/03/2003 IDE Disk Servers: A cost-effective cache for physics data H.Meinhard Presentation
01/03/2003 CASTOR: possible evolution into the LHC era O.Bärring Presentation
Request from EP TTO for brief presentation on Grid projects in IT
Date published Author(s) Type
01/03/2003 Grid-related projects in a nutshell F.Fluckiger Presentation
"After C5" IT departmental meeting
Date published Author(s) Type
01/03/2003 openlab Overview - Introduction to Technical Presentation F.Fluckiger Presentation