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Success Story: CERN –Siemens/ETM Collaborationto Develop WinCCOpen Architecture

Date published: 
Wednesday, 10 June, 2015
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P. Fiala
P. Golonka
M. Gonzalez
K. Szkudlarek
F. Varela
Simatic Win CCOpen Architecture is a commercial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solution from ETM– an Austrian Siemens subsidiary. The system has been widely adopted across CERN since it was firstly selected in the early 2000’s for the implementation of the supervisor layer of the Experiments’ Detector Control Systems. The work within this CERN openlab project concentrates on data archiving–a long term storage of process value changes and alarms in a database and on a central deployment tool– a central package to manage the software configuration of multiple SCADA applications. The work carried out focuses on the validation and performance improvements of the current systems, as well as on research and development for the future Siemens SCADA system. This project builds on the long history of collaboration between CERN and ETM.
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openlab Open Day