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Oracle TimesTen in-memory Database Integration

Date published: 
Monday, 1 September, 2014
Document type: 
Summer student report
J. Žitný
Project Specification: The objective is to build an rpm/script/puppet module that will easily deploy TimesTen in-memory database on existing server/cluster. Create script configuring TimesTen in-memory database for usage with specific database/RAC and creating step-by-step document (Twiki+Snow KB) on how to get required data cached in a simple way. Ultimate outcome will be to have a new service to deploy TT caching easily on any puppetized DB server. Abstract: TimesTen is in-memory database from Oracle with ability to be attached as a cache to existing Oracle Database. The installation process of TimesTen requires a lot of configuration to be done and although Oracle provides some installation scripts to simplify that, one still needs to take a lot of steps and time to set everything up. This work explores the TimesTen configuration options, proposes the solution for automating as much of the setup as possible and presents the easiest ways to build a working in-memory cache layer for Oracle.