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Evaluation of Standard Monitoring Tools (including log analysis) for Control Systems at CERN

Date published: 
Sunday, 1 September, 2013
Document type: 
Summer student report
V. Vintila
Project Specification: The goal of this Openlab Summer Student project was to assess the implications and the benefits of integrating two standard IT tools, namely Icinga and Splunkstorm with the existing production setup for monitoring and management of control systems at CERN. Icinga – an open source monitoring software based on Nagios would need to be integrated with an in-house developed WinCC OA application called MOON, that is currently used for monitoring and managing all the components that make up the control systems. Splunkstorm – a data analysis and log management online application would be used stand alone, so it didn’t need integration with other software, only understanding of features and installation procedure. Abstract: The aim of this document is to provide insights into installation procedures, key features and functionality and projected implementation effort of Icinga and Splunkstorm IT tools. Focus will be on presenting the most feasible implementation paths that surfaced once both software were well understood.