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Electronic Ticket and Check-in System for Indico Conferences

Date published: 
Sunday, 1 September, 2013
Document type: 
Summer student report
B. Kolobara
Project Specification: This project should build on the existing participant registration module of Indico and provide additional functionalities for managing the check-in process. While in small conferences it is easy to keep track of participants with a simple paper list, such techniques become inefficient when the need to scale the process up arises. Therefore Indico’s participant registration module would be extended with the functionality to generate electronic tickets. This will allow conference organizers to keep track of attendees after they finish the registration process. As part of this project it is also necessary to develop a mobile application that will be used to scan the electronic tickets, identify the user and mark them as checked in when they arrive at the conference. Additionally Indico’s HTTP API would be extended to be used by the mobile application to retrieve data about conferences and attendees. Abstract: The main goal of this project is to simplify the check-in process for conferences that use the Indico conference management system. This is archived by extending Indico’s core to include electronic ticket generation functionality and developing a mobile application that is used to scan the electronic tickets during the check-in process. Indico’s HTTP API is also extended to provide the mobile application with the necessary data.