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Continuous Integrated Testing of Oracle Databases on CERN Agile Infrastructure

Date published: 
Tuesday, 1 September, 2015
Document type: 
Summer student report
M. Akuruyejo
Changes occur to production environments regularly and they pose a risk to production. This could be patches to the underlying kernel, migrating to another distribution or an upgrade to the Operating System version. It could also be parameter changes to the database or a change in the vendor. Sometimes, this leads to degradation in the performance of the database. The author extended a framework for database testing by including a module that utilizes a testing tool provided by Oracle – Real Application Testing. The Real Application Testing (RAT) allows workload of a database to be captured and replayed on a test environment. This document explains the Oracle Real Application Testing then gives a brief overview of DBTest – a framework that automates testing of databases. After this, the author presents how to use this tool to help detect performance changes in databases. The result is a tool that makes databases performance testing easy. The author made improvements to the original framework and also wrote the rudimentary code for the Real Application Testing framework. Hence, the original framework, DBTest can now also start databases before connecting to them amongst other improvements. It is the aim of the author that subsequently, the Real Application Testing module can be completed.