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A Con figuration Management and Monitoring Toolkit for EOS and Kinetic Drive Cluster

Date published: 
Thursday, 13 October, 2016
Document type: 
Summer student report
M. Arora
EOS is a simple storage software solution to manage multi PB storage at CERN. Seagate ki-netic drives have been interfaced with the CERN EOS disk storage system abstracting multiple drives as a cluster. Drive cluster are managed by EOS like a single storage mount point. Each drive cluster, access keys and the cluster layout is described in a JSON le. Monitoring EOS and managing con guration les for thousands of disks was inecient. This project aimed at the development of a web toolkit for con guration management and monitoring of thousands of kinetic drives and EOS via a simple web interface. The proposed application allows to de ne, modify and publish kinetic drive cluster con gurations and to monitor key statistics and indi-vidual drive parameters on demand. In this report, I cover how I went about building this toolkit. Keywords: EOS, Con guration Management, Monitor, Kinetic Drives, AngularJS, Drive clus-ter, CERN storage, Seagate, Performance Optimization