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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
14/05/2013 Poster Many-Core Experience with HEP Software at CERN openlab S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
14/05/2013 Poster ICE-DIP project M. Gaillard, I. Georgopoulos, B. Jones, S. Medykowski, A. Nowak
14/05/2013 Poster Performance Benchmark of the Simatic WinCC Open Architecture Configuration P. Fiala, P. Golonka, M. Gonzalez, F. Varela
14/05/2013 Poster Huawei Massive Cloud Storage M. Zotes, S. Heikkila
14/05/2013 Poster Yandex CERN openlab projects CERN LHCb
14/05/2013 Poster Data Analytics M. Marquez
14/05/2013 Poster LHC Industrial Control System under Analysis M. Gonzalez Berges, F. Tilaro, A. Voitier
14/05/2013 Poster VISION: SDN Traffic Orchestrator for Resource Scale-Out D. Savu, S. Stancu
14/05/2013 Poster CERN openlab - Sponsors CERN openlab
14/05/2013 Poster Simatic WinCC Open Architecture RDB Archiver M. Bogusz, P. Golonka
14/05/2013 Poster Communication Standards Under Test M. Berges, B. Copy, F. Tilaro
15/04/2013 Poster ICE-DIP M. Gaillard, I. Georgopoulos, B. Jones, S. Medykowski, A. Nowak
28/02/2013 CERN openlab report Wireless Control and Optimisation M. Hulboj, V. Lapadatescu
06/12/2012 CERN openlab report Evaluation of the Intel 4 socket Sandy Bridge-EP server processor S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak, L. Valsan
30/11/2012 CERN openlab report A study on compiler flags and performance events M. Botezatu
20/09/2012 CERN openlab report Comparison of Software Technologies for Vectorization and Parallelization S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, A. Nowak, L. Valsan
08/09/2012 Summer student report A Graphical Visualizer for Benchmark Data F. Pinto
07/09/2012 Summer student report Log files management K. Kapusta
07/09/2012 Summer student report Enhanced Web Interfaces for Administering Invenio Digital Library J. Batista
31/08/2012 Summer student report An Interactive Shell and a Python Module for DMLite G. Jahn