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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
27/08/2010 Summer student report Performance Monitoring of the Software Frameworks for the LHC Experiments D. A. Popescu
27/08/2010 Summer student report TRoIE (Test-bench for Robustness of Industrial Equipments) Reporting System G. Bajrami
20/08/2010 Summer student report Automation and Optimisation in IT-DB OracleVM Virtualisation Systems T. Tauber
13/08/2010 Summer student report Shared library implementation for the BDII Information System C. N. Micu
08/08/2010 Summer student report Automating Management for Weblogic Server on JRockit VE M. Sandu Popa
01/08/2010 Summer student report BOSS and LHC Computing using CernVM and BOINC J. Wu
31/07/2010 Conference paper Volunteer Clouds and Citizen Cyberscience for LHC Physics C. A. Sanchez , J. Blomer , P. Buncic , G. Chen , J. Ellis , D. G. Quintas , A. Harutyunyan , F. Grey , D. L. Gonzalez , M. Marquina , P. Mato , J. Rantala , H. Schulz , B. Segal , A. Sharma , P. Skands , D. Weir, J. Wu , W. Wu , R. Yadav
20/05/2010 CERN openlab report Wireless Control and Optimisation M. Hulboj, V. Lapadatescu
01/05/2010 CERN openlab report Evaluation of the Intel Nehalem-EX server processor E. Grancher, S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
01/04/2010 CERN openlab report Evaluation of the Intel Westmere-EP server processor S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
26/03/2010 Siemens openlab team lays emphasis on cyber security analysis for industrial control systems F. Tilaro
22/02/2010 Conference paper Parallelisation of events generation for data analysis techniques A. Lazzaro
22/02/2010 Poster Parallelisation of likelihood function data analysis software based on RooFit package A. Lazzaro
01/02/2010 CERN openlab report Strategies employed for LHC software performance studies Andrzej Nowak
15/01/2010 Conference paper Evaluating the Scalability of High Energy Physics Software and Multicore Hardware S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
29/10/2009 CERN openlab report Evaluation of Energy Consumption and Performance of Intel's Nehalem Architecture A. Busch, J. Leduc
14/10/2009 Standards based measurable security for embedded devices B. Copy, F. Tilaro
29/09/2009 Summer student report Performance and Threading Studies of High Energy Physics Software M. D'Arcy
15/09/2009 Poster CERN Investigation of Network Behaviour and Anomaly Detection, Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection: paper and poster M. Hulboj, R. E. Jurga
09/09/2009 Summer student report Monitoring System of Data Subscriptions for ATLAS on the Grid P. A. Cunha