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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
09/09/2011 Summer student report Cloud Computing for Control Systems A. Shaikh
02/09/2011 Summer student report Process accounting collection G. Cetusic
02/09/2011 Summer student report Perf file format U. Fassler
26/08/2011 Summer student report Towards Unified Invenio Configuration Database Manager J. Kuncar
17/08/2011 Summer student report Integrity Checking and Monitoring of Files on the CASTOR Disk Servers H. Lien
12/08/2011 Summer student report ZODB Benchmarking and Replication J. Nogiec
12/08/2011 Summer student report Performance Measurement and Analysis of the Grid Storage Manager DPM M. Hellmich
08/08/2011 Summer student report Implementation and test of MLFit application using OpenMP and MPI parallel technologies R. Caravita
08/08/2011 Summer student report New Package for RooFit Supporting Dalitz Analysis: RooAmplitudes G. Young
08/08/2011 Thesis Optimizing a High Energy Physics (HEP) Toolkit on Heterogeneous Architectures Yngve Sneen Lindal
05/08/2011 Summer student report Testbed Configuration and Management G. Zlatkov
01/07/2011 CERN openlab report Evaluation of the Intel Westmere-EX server processor S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
16/05/2011 Conference paper Evaluation of Likelihood Functions for Data Analysis on Graphics Processing Units S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak, F. Pantaleo
20/10/2010 Poster The Breaking Point of Modern Processor and Platform Technology Andrzej Nowak
15/10/2010 Conference paper The Breaking Point of Modern Processor and Platform Technology S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
15/10/2010 Conference paper Parallelization of Maximum Likelihood Fits with OpenMP and CUDA S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. L educ, A. Nowak, F. Pantaleo
15/10/2010 Conference paper How to Harness the Performance Potential of Current Multicore Processors S. Jarp, A. Lazzaro, J. Leduc, A. Nowak
18/09/2010 Summer student report Design and implementation of probes for the WLCG SAM framework Robert Vežnaver
14/09/2010 Poster Evaluation of Parallel Applications used in High Energy Physics A. Lazzaro
31/08/2010 Summer student report Implementation of Corrective Actions for Policy Violations in Oracle Enterprise Manager A. Beche