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Technical Documents

Date published Document type Title Author(s) pdf
04/12/2017 Journal paper CERN openlab: Engaging industry for innovation in the LHC Run 3-4 R&D programme M Girone, A Purcell, A Di Meglio, F Rademakers, K Gunne, M Pachou, S Pavlou
20/10/2017 Thesis Extending an asynchronous messaging library using an RDMA-enabled interconnect. K. Alexopoulos, G. Goumas
12/10/2017 Poster 1000 things you always want to know about SSO but you never dare to ask L. Rodríguez Fernández
21/09/2017 White paper CERN openlab White Paper: Future IT Challenges in Scientific Research A. Di Meglio, M. Girone, A. Purcell, F. Rademakers
09/09/2017 Journal paper Exploring RapidIO Technology Within a DAQ System Event Building Network S. Baymani, K. Alexopoulos, S. Valat
08/09/2017 CERN openlab report Final report on CERN openlab Summer Student programme 2017 Kristina Gunne, Marion Devouassoux
10/06/2017 Journal paper Trends in Cognitive Sciences M. Kaiser
01/04/2017 CERN openlab report CERN openlab Annual Report 2016 A. Purcell , A. Di Meglio
29/03/2017 Journal paper A Lossless Network for Data Acquisition G. Jereczek, G. Lehmann Miotto, D. Malone, M. Walukiewicz
04/02/2017 Conference paper A high-performance portable abstract interface for explicit SIMD vectorization P. Karpinski, J. McDonald
19/12/2016 Summer student report Deep Learning on Imaging Calorimetry J. Mahapatra
19/12/2016 Summer student report Consolidation and Performance measurements of ROOT Multiproc Core A.C. Chelba
16/12/2016 Summer student report Automating WLCG Job Accounting Validation D. Christidis
16/12/2016 Summer student report Data Quality Monitoring at CMS with Machine Learning A. Aghabayli
01/12/2016 Journal paper A system-level model for high-speed,radiation-hard optical links in HEP experiments based on silicon Mach-Zender modulators M. Zeiler, S. Detraz, L. Olantera, C. Sigaud, C. Soos, J. Troska, F. Vasey
03/11/2016 Summer student report Software Defined Networking Topology Service I. Nikolić
28/10/2016 Summer student report Hue Application for Big Data Ingestion M. Bandić
24/10/2016 Summer student report Explorer of Grid Load M. Sharma
14/10/2016 Summer student report Distributed LHC Event-Topology Classification F. Presutti
13/10/2016 Summer student report A Con figuration Management and Monitoring Toolkit for EOS and Kinetic Drive Cluster M. Arora