CERN Accelerating science


Date published Title Author(s) Presented at Presentation file
10/06/2015 European Bioinformatics Institute: Research Infrastructure Needed for Life Science S.Newhouse openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Intel: GeantV - Taking Up the Technology Challenge A.Gheata openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Oracle: Database and Data Management Innovations with CERN K. Jernigan, L. Lobato Pardavila, M. Martin Marquez openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 ALFA: Next generation Concurrent Framework for ALICE and FAIR Experiments M.Al Turany openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Siemens: Smart Technologies for Large Control Systems E. Bakany, F. Maria Tilaro openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Rackspace: Significance of Cloud Computing to CERN G. Fox openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Data Storage Institute: Speeding-up Large-Scale Storage with Non-Volatile Memory K.Leong Yong, S.Ruocco openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 IDT: RapidIO Interconnect based Low Latency Multi Processor Heterogeneous Solutions D. Paul openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Seagate: Expanding CERN’s EOS Storage with Seagate Kinetic Disk Technology P. Hermann Lensing, J. Hughes openlab Open Day
08/06/2015 Information Discovery Exploring Data-Driven Decision-Making for Improving the Control of CERN’s Accelerator Complex A.R. Marín 16th Swiss Big Data User Group Meeting
04/06/2015 CERN Science and Technology A. Di Meglio CIOCity Conference, Brussels, Belgium.
04/06/2015 Clouds and Research Collide at CERN T. Bell Rackspace: Solve Global Conference Series, London, UK
03/06/2015 Simulation and Design of Si-Photonic Mach-Zehnder Modulators for radiation hardness testing M. Zeiler PH-ESE-BE student seminar
27/05/2015 Big Data & Analytics: Improving the Control of CERN’s Accelerator Complex by Data-Driven Decisions M. M. Márquez Pharma Exabyte, Germany, Berlin.
22/05/2015 High Performance I/O with the ZeroMQ (ØMQ) Messaging Library A. Santogidis CERN School of Computing
19/05/2015 New Advances in Federated Identity and Federated Service Provider Support for OpenStack Clouds M. Denis OpenStack Summit, Vancouver, BC, Canada
08/05/2015 Information Discovery as a Service: Better Decisions for More Efficient Operations at CERN M.M.Márquez Rittman Mead BI Forum, Brighton, UK.
28/04/2015 Oracle Goldengate at CERN L. L. Pardavila Oracle GoldenGate 12c Event, Baden, Switzerland
23/04/2015 Presentation of explicit vectorization approach using SIMD types P. Karpinski Teratec business center, Bruyères-le-Châtel, France
22/04/2015 The ICE-DIP project at CERN and my role A. Santogidis System and Media Laboratory (SyMLab), HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Hon Kong, China