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Date published Title Author(s) Presented at Presentation file
05/11/2015 Data Plane Computing System (Cisco) L. Lazaridis CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 CERN openlab Management Update A. Di Meglio CERN openlab technical workshop
05/11/2015 Data Analysis (Oracle) A. R. Marin CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 Brocade Flow Optimiser Software (Brocade) E. Martelli CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 EOS Productisation (Comtrade) X. E. Curull CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 High-Throughput Computing Project (Intel) O. Awile CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 Cloud and Java (Oracle) L. R. Fernandez, A. Nappi CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 Cloud Federations (Rackspace) M. K. Denis CERN openlab Technical Workshop
05/11/2015 Data Analytics for Controls (Siemens) F. M. Tilaro CERN openlab Technical Workshop
28/10/2015 A Lossless Switch for Data Acquisition Networks G. Jereczek IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks 2015, Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States Of America, 26 - 29 Oct 2015
27/10/2015 Oracle WebLogic Server 12.2.1 Mul5tenancy A. Wiecek Oracle Open World 25-29 October 2015, San Francisko
20/10/2015 Big and Smart Data Analytics A. Di Meglio Medical Record Update Workshop, AdriHealthMob project in Pesaro, Italy, Oct 20th-21st
15/10/2015 Brocade Flow Optimizer S. Stancu Layer 123, SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, Düsseldorf, Germany
01/10/2015 CERN Private Java Cloud: Deep Dive into On-Demand PaaS Internals L. R. Fernández JavaOne, San Francisco, USA
16/07/2015 Vectorization 1 on 1 P. Karpinski Gdańsk, Poland
26/06/2015 Core Skills for a Digital Economy A. Di Meglio The Helix Nebula Initiative & PICSE: Towards a European Open Science Cloud
10/06/2015 Data Storage Institute: Speeding-up Large-Scale Storage with Non-Volatile Memory K.Leong Yong, S.Ruocco openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 IDT: RapidIO Interconnect based Low Latency Multi Processor Heterogeneous Solutions D. Paul openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 Seagate: Expanding CERN’s EOS Storage with Seagate Kinetic Disk Technology P. Hermann Lensing, J. Hughes openlab Open Day
10/06/2015 CERN openlab a Successful Public-Private Partnership A.Di Meglio openlab Open Day