CERN Accelerating science


Date published Title Author(s) Presented at Presentation file
12/02/2018 Smart Data Analytics Platform for Science T. Aliyev Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications
12/02/2018 The Anticipated Challenges of Running Biomedical Simulations in the Cloud L. Breitwieser Early-Career Researchers in Medical Applications
08/01/2018 Running a Container service with OpenStack/Magnum S. Trigazis RCUK Cloud Working Group workshop
04/12/2017 Building Secure Rest Architectures With ORDS L. Rodríguez Fernández Tech17 Conference, Birmingham
30/10/2017 Extending an asynchronous messaging library using an RDMA-enabled interconnect K. Alexopoulos EMP CSLab
26/10/2017 Accelerating Clouds Through Science T. Bell HCE 2017
08/10/2017 1000 things you always want to know about SSO but you never dare to ask L. Rodríguez Fernández 6th Control System Cyber-Security Workshop (CS)2/HEP
29/09/2017 Big Data in Healthcare T. Aliyev Innovation in Healthcare: Futuro Summit, Florence
28/06/2017 OpenStack/Magnum and the CERN container service S. Trigazis German OpenStack Days DOST 2017, Munich
23/06/2017 CERN Computing Platforms for Multi-Disciplinary Research A. Di Meglio DKE-DS - Maastricht
19/06/2017 CERN: Accelerating Science and Innovation: CERN openlab collaborations on Code Modernization, AI & Cloud Computing A. Di Meglio ISC 2017, Frankfurt
16/06/2017 Big Data Platforms for Multi-Disciplinary Research A. Di Meglio UNIGE-CERN Workshop on Life Sciences
06/04/2017 From swarm to swarm-mode in the CERN container service S. Trigazis Docker meetup, Zurich
28/02/2017 OpenStack Magnum Pike and the CERN cloud S. Trigazis Meetup#22 Containers, Paris
21/02/2017 Computational neurology: not just moonshots, but clinical impact M. Manca Computational Neurology Conference 2017
09/02/2017 CERN openlab Researched Technologies That Might Become Game Changers in Software Development F. Rademakers 10th SHiP Collaboration Meeting, Berlin
04/02/2017 OpenStack @ CERN: Status update S. Trigazis CentOS Dojo, Brussels
04/02/2017 OpenStack Magnum @ CERN Scaling Container Clusters to thousand of nodes S. Trigazis Fosdem, Brussels
18/11/2016 IT-ST: The Storage group A. Pace , A. J. Peters , J. Leduc , X. Espinal Curull IT-ST Group
17/11/2016 Roofline performance analysis and code optimization O. Awile 8th LHCb Computing Workshop