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31 Jan 2013

The purpose of the joint project between CERN openlab and Yandex is to carry out research and development in the field of Advanced Event Processing.

6 Dec 2012

Bob Jones, Head of CERN openlab, presented...

6 Dec 2012

In this paper the CERN openlab Platform Competence Centre (PCC) reports on a set of benchmark results obtained by the team when comparing a 32-core, quad socket, “Sandy Bridge-EP” server with a 16-core, dual socket, “Sandy Bridge-EP” server and a...

4 Dec 2012

Maaike Limper from the CERN openlab Database Competence Centre presented a...

7 Nov 2012

This autumn, CERN openlab took the opportunity to participate in the Intel European Research and Innovation Conference (ERIC) 2012 in Barcelona. The main themes were focused on smart societies enabled by research and innovation partnerships,...

20 Sep 2012

The Platform Competence Centre team just published a new report comparing software technologies for vectorization and parallelization. The report is available throught the publications' section of this website and thanks to the link below.

18 Jul 2012

The High Energy Physics (HEP) community makes large use of many complex data analysis techniques.

4 Jul 2012

CERN just published a press release to comment the latest preliminary results presented by the ATLAS and CMS experiments  this morning in the search for the long sought Higgs particle. Both experiments observe a new particle in the mass region...