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Huawei Western Europe Enterprise Business Unit President visits CERN openlab on 18th April

Thursday, 18 April, 2013

Leon He, President Huawei Western Europe Enterprise Business Unit, visited CERN openlab today, along with Davis Wuhuajun, and Peter Balsiger, Sales Manager Storage & Datacenter of Huawei.

David Foster, deputy Head of CERN IT Department, welcomed the company representatives and presented CERN as well as the CERN IT department activities, while Sverre Jarp, CERN openlab CTO, introduced them to the openlab activities.

Subsequently, Dirk Düllmann, deputy of CERN IT Data and Storage Services (DSS) group, explained into details the specific activities of the DSS group and stressed the importance of the support from Huawei for our joint project.* A demo of Huawei UDS was performed by Seppo Heikkila, the young researcher hired to work on the joint project.

Alberto Pace head of CERN IT DSS Group guided Huawei's representatives to the CERN Computer Centre. Huawei representatives ended thier visit by a tour to the ATLAS cavern, located about 100 meters below the ground level, to see the experiment's detector from a close distance.


*Huawei is a CERN openlab partner and works together with CERN openlab in the Platform Competence Centre.