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EOS workshop

Thursday, 2 February, 2017 (All day) to Friday, 3 February, 2017 (All day)

The first EOS workshop is in preparation to bring together the EOS community.

The two days event at CERN is organized to provide a platform for  exchange between developers, users and sites running EOS.


The EOS development teams will present the current state of the artbest practices and the future road map.

We aim to discuss in particular architecture and status of

  • a new high-available scale-out namespace 
  • EOS as a filesystem

and three associated core projects

  • XRootD as the core platform of EOS
  • CERNBOX for Sync&Share
  • CTA for tape archive integration & the EOS workflow engine

We warmly invite sites to present their current deployment, operational experiences, possible future deployment plans and input for improvements.

We encourage experiment representatives to share their view on future in (physics) storage and their usage of EOS.

Hands-on sessions are foreseen to enable exchange of information between operation teams at different sites and the development teams.