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CERN openlab Workshop on Data Analytics

Friday, 16 November, 2012 (All day)

CERN openlab, IT-DB, Oracle and Siemens are pleased to announce the “CERN openlab Workshop on Data Analytics” scheduled for November 16th at CERN (IT Auditorium)

During the last decade, the volume of digital information gathered and stored in a wide range of fields has grown exponentially. The situation of exponential grown is foreseen to be the trend also in the near future. This fact is motivated by several factors such as the continuous increasing number of new sources and the most important the potential to derive valuable information from the data in order to guide critical decision making in a large variety of areas ranging from economy to science or engineering.

Nowadays, handling and analyzing large data sets represent one of the most challenging issues for IT departments all over the world. Therefore, the data analytics market is currently a very active topic marked by an accelerating pace of change. New trends, technologies and challenges such as Big Data Analytics, Real-Time Analytics, Information Discovery and In-memory Analytics have emerged.

Driven by these needs, this seminar will focus on some of the unresolved CERN's analytics use cases. How these could be implemented using different technologies within an analytics framework. The approach based on the implementation of an analytic framework allows to acquire, organize and analyze any data from any source, i.e. unstructured, semi-structured and structure data, at different velocities. And what is more relevant, provides standardization of the multiple technologies in use, and proposes therefore coherent and unified analytics architecture across the whole organization. Also we will introduce analytics best practices and cover some of the new developments for the deployment of analytic capabilities.


Attendance is free, but places are limited, so registration is mandatory at:

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