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CERN openlab: supporting the LHC research programme for 15 years

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016

CERN openlab held an ‘open day’ event on 8-9 June. The event provided an opportunity to learn about CERN openlab’s work: collaborating with leading ICT companies and research institutes to accelerate the development of cutting-edge solutions for the worldwide LHC community, as well as for wider scientific research.

Over the two days, more than one hundred people attended talks on the achievements of diverse CERN openlab projects over the last year. There were also research posters on display and hands-on technology demonstrations from companies working with CERN openlab, so that attendees could discover the latest ICT innovations.

The event marked exactly 15 years since CERN openlab was established. “Since 2001, this unique public-private partnership has worked to ensure that members of CERN’s scientific community have access to the very latest ICT solutions to help them carry out their ground-breaking physics research,” says Alberto Di Meglio, head of CERN openlab. “We’re proud to continue supporting the LHC research programme in this manner.”

At the event, a special award was given to Intel in recognition of the fact the company has been a partner of CERN openlab since the initiative’s foundation. The award was presented to Peter Gleissner, director for the European Union region at Intel Corporation, by Charlotte Warakaulle, CERN’s director for international relations. Intel is currently collaborating with CERN openlab on projects covering a range of topics, including code modernisation, high-throughput computing, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Collaboration is central in enabling CERN to fulfil its mission; CERN openlab is a prime example of this,” says Frédéric Hemmer, head of the CERN IT Department. “Our ongoing partnership with Intel through the initiative has played a key role in supporting the LHC research programme.”

“I would like to thank Intel and the other companies collaborating in CERN openlab — as well as, most importantly, the people themselves — for their terrific efforts in supporting CERN’s ground-breaking work,” continues Hemmer. “Long may this fruitful collaboration between research and industry continue.”

“Intel is very proud in having the possibility to contribute to CERN’s LHC programme:  since the very inception of CERN openlab, we are convinced that innovation and research are key enabling factors for the European market and for the whole scientific community,“ says Peter Gleissner, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group, director of the European Union Region at Intel Corporation. 

“On behalf of the CERN openlab team, I’d like to thank our collaborators at Intel and look forward to continuing our work together in support of the research community,” says Di Meglio. “I also take the opportunity of this 15th anniversary to thank all the industry partners, contributors, associates, and of course the numerous colleagues at CERN, who, together over the years, have made the undertaking a success.”

For more information on the CERN openlab open day event — including presentations given — please visit the Indico page. Photos from the event can be found on the CERN Document Server.