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29 Sep 2015

This autumn, two workshops are being organised for scientists and engineers who undertake programming tasks, particularly in C and C++.

Computer architecture and hardware-software interaction (2 days, Oct 26-27)

17 Sep 2015

Are you a student looking for the chance to show off your coding skills? Would you like to win a trip to CERN, or even a nine-week internship with...

27 Aug 2015

The second part of the CERN openlab summer students "Lightning Talks" took place yesterday afternoon.

20 Aug 2015
The first half of the CERN openlab summer students 2015 were invited to give "Lightning Talks" yesterday afternoon.
19 Aug 2015

As well as attending lectures and working on their research projects, several of this year’s CERN openlab summer students volunteered to take part in a ‘webfest’ event held at CERN on the weekend of 1-2 August.

27 Jul 2015
Brocade joins CERN openlab to develop SDN solutions that can support future infrastructure requirements.
Brocade will be collaborating with CERN openlab on a new solution designed to help the organization address the long-term...
10 Jun 2015
The first ever 'CERN openlab Open Day' event is taking place today at CERN.
9 Jun 2015
Cisco collaborates with CERN openlab to accelerate innovation...
4 Jun 2015

CERN openlab is entering a new phase and is expanding to include the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and other public research organisations. EMBL-EBI's collaboration with CERN will come to develop researches on Compute Management...