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1 Mar 2016

Thank you for your interest in the CERN openlab 2016 Summer Student Programme. As of March 1, 2016, we have ended up with 1481 candidates.

23 Feb 2016

Kazan Federal University in Russia has joined CERN openlab as a research member. The collaboration will focus on modernisation of code used for biological simulation.

8 Feb 2016

Applications for the 2016 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme are open until 28 February, 2016 (23:59 CET). Apply now and open a world of...

1 Dec 2015

Applications for the 2016 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme are now open. Apply and open a world of possibilities!

27 Nov 2015

On Thursday 26 November, CERN openlab hosted an event on innovation and entrepreneurship.

19 Nov 2015

Comtrade is collaborating with CERN to productize the laboratory’s EOS Large Scale Storage System — the keystone of LHC data processing. This will facilitate data access and use by external contributors.

14 Nov 2015

Intel and CERN openlab jointly announced the winners of the Modern Code Developer Challenge on 14 November at the annual Intel HPC Developer Conference.

11 Nov 2015

Last week, CERN openlab held its annual technical workshop.

26 Oct 2015

Niko Neufeld is a member of the ‘online system’ team at the LHCb experiment.

20 Oct 2015

Do you have a bright idea for a business? The first-of-its-kind ‘CERN openlab Innovation and Entrepreneurship Event’ is a great opportunity for you to explore it further.