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Summer Student News

Three external visits were organized this year for the CERN openlab summer students. On Friday the 19th of July, the summer students visited EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne).

We received this year 735 applications and would like to thank all of the students who applied and congratulate the students who have been selected.

Please find below the names of the selected students for this year student programme:

CERN’s Schools of Computing (CSC) aim at creating a common technical culture in scientific computing among young scientists and engineers involved in particle physics or in sister experimental disciplines.

We would like to remind you that the closing date for the Summer Student applications is March 31st, 2013. The openlab student programme is open for applications from bachelor, master and PhD students in computer science and physics.

All the lectures will be held at 16:00 in room 513-1-024. They are not restricted to CERN openlab summer students, everyone interested in the topic is welcome to join:

The CERN openlab student programme application period ended on 31st March 2012 and the selection process is now completed.