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Olof Bärring

Deputy Group Leader Computing Facilities
Liaison with partner Intel
Competence center: 

Olof Bärring came to CERN in 1987 as a PhD student working on the DELPHI experiment. After completing his PhD in Particle Physics at the Lund University (Sweden) in 1993, Olof continued to work as a scientist at the DELPHI experiment for a few years. In 1997 he joined the CERN IT department where he has been working since then in different roles ranging from system programmer of tape and mass storage systems, work package leader in EC co-funded projects and leader of IT service management teams. Since 2010 Olof is deputy group leader of the Computing Facilities group and also leader of the Facility Planning and Procurement (FPP) section that is technical responsible for the procurement of servers and storage for the CERN IT data centres. The team working with Intel as part of the CERN openlab Platform Competence Centre is a member of the FPP section since 2013. Olof Bärring is the CERN liaison person with the CERN openlab partner Intel.