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Manuel Martin Marquez

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Manuel Martin Marquez obtained his first M.Sc. degree in Computer Sciences in 2008 and a second M.Sc. in Soft-computing and Intelligence Information Systems in 2011 both at the University of Granada, Spain. He is a member of the "Soft Computing and Intelligent Information Systems" (SCI2S) research group and the "Distributed Computational Intelligence and Time Series" research lab (DICITS). In 2007 he joined the Beam department of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN). A that time he was co-leading the data management/engineering activities for the CERN Control Configuration Database and the Front-End Software Architecture, both projects of critical importance for improving the operations of the Large Hadrons Collider (LHC) and the rest of the CERN's accelerators complex. Currently, Manuel is a CERN openlab Senior Research Fellow, in the CERN IT department. His main activities in this position focus on the development of new techniques and approaches for Big Data Analytics and the implementation of the CERN’s Data Analytics as a Service infrastructure – DAaaS. This Infrastructure centralizes and standardizes the complex data analytics requirements for the wide CERN research and engineering community. Manuel’s current areas of interest are time series analysis and modelling, distributed/parallel computational intelligence, data mining, and learning theory.