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Karel Ha

Technical area: 

Karel earned a bachelor's degree in computer science after attending Charles University in Prague (CZ). He continued with master's studies at the same university and this summer he is going to conclude with a thesis on algorithmic game theory of poker. His other work experience included a research scientist in Watson Research of IBM Prague, and a summer student (2014) in Data & Storage Services group of CERN IT. From April 2015 to March 2016, he was part of CERN openlab as a technical student at "High Throughput Computing collaboration" (HTCc). HTCc is a collaboration between Intel and LHCb Online team working on the upgrade of the LHCb trigger and DAQ system. He studied the feasibility and performance of Intel Xeon/Phi computing accelerator for (near) real-time applications such as event-building, event-sorting and event preparation for subsequent processing by high level trigger software algorithms. This was achieved by using the latest software frameworks proposed by Intel hStreams, OpenACC and OpenMP 4.0. The result of this work is available at Karel will pursue a PhD degree, most probably at EPFL, where he was awarded the prestigious IC School fellowship. His research interests will involve Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory or Neuroscience.