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Jiannan Zhang

Jiannan is a graduate from University of Minnesota, and currently an MSc student at University of Oxford. Before he came to CERN, he was keen in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science/Engineering. Two recent projects in developing are EDUDPC (a light-weight online Dynamic Project Control platform based on Mathematica) and KnowledgeNet (A web application that integrates information from different understanding levels). His previous projects include quadcopter vision, intelligent home appliance control, hand-held bio-sensing cancer detector, and mathematical modeling for different applications.

Jiannan is also a learning activity designer and coordinator. He co-created eXtreme Learning Process with Prof. Benjamin Koo at Tsinghua University, which aims to design student-leading courses/workshops that involve all participants, including the organizers and late-breaking technology providers, into the development of a specific product/service, in the meantime mobilize them to push the envelop of the collective potentials in learning. The goal of this is to build an interdisciplinary learning ecology.

During his summer at CERN, he helped organize and coordinate the CERN Summer Webfest 2013, and worked on improving the volunteer computing platform LHC @ Home Test4Theory under the supervision of Ben Segal. The goal is to increase the number of volunteer CPUs for processing LHC data as well as educate the public about science.