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Dirk Düllmann

Deputy Group Leader Data and Storage Services
Liaison with partner Huawei
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Dirk Düllmann is currently deputy leader of the data and storage services group in CERN's IT department, which provides storage services and develops data handling frameworks for the physics community at CERN. He is responsible for the development and evolution of CERN's storage components and high performance disk pools for LHC data analysis. Previously Dirk led the LCG persistency framework development project (2002–2008) and the LCG distributed database deployment project (2004–2008). Before he worked on object and relational databases in the RD45 and Espresso projects.

Dirk joined CERN in 1995 after receiving a PhD in high energy physics from the University of Hamburg. Since 1986 he worked in several software companies on the development of database management systems and database applications.